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I have a number of online trades that I offer my fellow internet junkies. Not limited to consulting, social media management, webdesigning, graphic design, and ghost writing.

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I am always looking for new products to review and books to read. My job is to find the best, cheapest and affordable product that works well for entrepreneurs to start up their online business.

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Creating contents on YouTube and any streamer network to share my knowledge and hobbies. Topics will include sketch comedies, personality type talk, daily vlogging, social media influences, and many more.


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Welcome to Logical Millennial, a website that links to you all of my work whether it is a blog or a vlog that I have created and ready for the world to see, a review of a product that I am sharing, or a personal rant that may take notice from anyone who needs someone to relate to. This page is my personal portfolio for job seekers and those who are looking to reconnect. 

Logical Millennial focuses on growth and helping other people find new ideas that is of interest to them. The links to my YouTube channel is linked below. On my channel, you can find videos that I created speaking about personality types and how to utilize them as a communication tool for building relationships and for helping oneself out. Included in the channel are tutorials on how to create a social media presence and building an online business. Some tips have been repeated by many social media influencers, but my tip is a little different because I am approaching them in a language where anyone can understand. Most influencers use a language that only people who are tech savvy will understand. I refuse to do that because I want to reach a broader audience and not discourage them.

Book reviews and movie reviews are included with everything that I am working on along with updates on the biggest and most profitable platform: YouTube. I want to stay inform and I am sure everyone else does too. My information will not come in the form of bias or hurtful commentary. I want to give everything the benefit through critical criticism even if no one really appreciates it. 

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This page is just here to give you an understanding of what I have to offer but if you want to read more, go check out my blog now! Click the link below and don't forget to sign up for the newsletter.

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Differences Between Extroverted and Introverted Sensors

Philadelphia, PA

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Differences Between Extroverted and Introverted Sensors

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Philadelphia, PA

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